Abizer Merchant (cOMMITTEE MEMBER)

Abizer Merchant has more than 12 years experience in the international education industry with particular expertise in the South Asia and Middle East region. In June 2014, he was appointed as the Director (South Asia & Middle East) for Macquarie University, Sydney based out of Mumbai, India.

Previously Abizer was the Associate Director, International Marketing, at La Trobe University, Melbourne where he has worked since 2005 and played a lead role in establishing the University’s presence in the South Asian region by developing a network of partnerships with local institutions and service providers.

He came to Australia as an international student in 2002 and has an advanced understanding of international education from a student and education provider perspective. He has a Master of Marketing from Monash University, Australia and Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Mumbai.  His interests lie in the development of new and emerging markets/market segments for international education, internationalisation of Indian academic institutions and how Australian education providers can assist with this process.

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