How to become a member

Please either complete this downloadable form or enter your details below to become a member.

Why become a member

In joining ANZBAI you become part of a friendly and supportive community based around a collective association with Australia and New Zealand. You will also:

  • Receive the high-quality periodic publication ‘the Bush Telegraph.’

  • Discounted invitations to many social events from regular informal catch ups at local restaurants and bars to larger annual events such as our “Bollywood Night.” As well as invitations to events around important holidays and national days such as ANZAC day and Christmas. Many of these events are child friendly.

  • Discounted invitations to business events and talks featuring visiting ministers, business leaders, academics and other interesting figures with valuable insights and views on a range of issues involving India, Australia and New Zealand. Often there are opportunities to meet the speaker and ask questions.

  • Write ups and recordings of business events.

  • The opportunity to advertise your business, products or services to our community via our website, “the Bush Telegraph,” and social media channels.

  • Members-to-member discounts and offers.

  • Access to our jobs portal and noticeboard, where members can include opportunities within their companies.

  • Strong networking opportunities. Learn from our collective experience and advocacy.

  • ANZBAI has a close association with the Australian and New Zealand consulates and trade offices.

  • Access to our various social media channels and closed groups to network with our community.

  • Entry into our online membership directory and new member introductions.

Membership Types

Memberships are broken down into different categories as determined by the Board of Directors of the ANZBAI (Mumbai) Business Forum. 

Corporate Members
Branch/subsidiary/agent of Aust/NZ company or Indian organisation with branch/subsidiary or considerable business interests in Aust/NZ; can nominate up to 3 members. (Rs 23,000 p.a.)

Corporate Additional
To register more than three members. (Rs 8,050 p.a.)

Aust/NZ citizen or permanent resident. (Rs 6,900 p.a.)

Can be linked to all membership types Membership applications are subject to Committee approval. (Rs 3,450 p.a.)

NGO Worker/Student
(Rs 2,300 p.a.)

Membership fees

You can pay for your membership via post, courier or bank transfer. Please send your cheques to ANZBAI (Mumbai) Business Forum, Parinee Crescenzo, B Wing - 8st Floor, C38-39, G Block, BKC, Bandra (E), Mumbai, 400051. If you are paying by bank transfer please scan and email the form along with the transaction record to

Account Name: ANZBAI (Mumbai) Business Forum
IFSC: HDFC0000016
Account Number: 50100090087987
Branch: Pali Hill, Bandra
CIN: U9110MH2010PL204800 (2010-2011)
TAN No: MUMA37464A
Service Tax No: AAICA5946QSD001 


Membership of ANZBAI Mumbai requires a connection with either or both Australia and New Zealand, by way of birth, citizenship, residency, temporary student status, or by way of doing business with either or both countries. The Board of Directors of ANZBAI Mumbai reserve the rights to decline membership to any persons or organisations who do not fill this criteria or who are not deemed as suitable members of this organisation.

Membership period and renewal

Our memberships are aligned to the Indian financial year period; being April to March annually. Therefore memberships expire on 31st March. To renew your membership please transfer payment for your membership category using the banking details above. 

A member joining the association for the first time between April and September of any given year shall pay full annual membership fees. A member joining the association for the first time between October and March of any given year shall pay half the stated annual membership fees, being subject to full annual fees the follow and all subsequent years.